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Discover the latest Newsletter - October 2021
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A whole new adventure! With Geoffroy Bouvier, owner of the magnificent Notre-Dame du Vivier Abbey in Marche-les-Dames, I am embarking on a new project: the organization of concerts with, at stake, a summer festival, from 2022! We will start small, of course, but over time we will dream bigger. Our first two concerts, were already sold-out! Do not hesitate to come and attend the next concerts to discover young Belgian artists who fully deserve our attention.

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Thomas Adès: Les eaux for cello and piano (with Marie Datcharry), live recording for Musiq'3 
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In August 2020, I had the pleasure of being appointed Assistant of the Cello Class at the IMEP, my Alma Mater (Namur - Belgium). This year, the teaching team of the cello class has grown with the arrival of Professor Joachim Eijlander
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