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Duo Kiasma ©Nico Draps



Together, Pierre Fontenelle and Frin Wolter form the Duo Kiasma, boldly traveling across different stylistic horizons by combining the sounds of their respective instruments, the cello and the accordion, in an unclassifiable repertoire. Through their creativity, spontaneity and modernity, these two young virtuosos share their personal vision of the role of the musician in the 21st century.

Originally born out of the meeting between Pierre Fontenelle and accordionist Cristian Perciun as the Duo Made in Belgium in 2016, the duo regularly plays in Belgium, France and Luxembourg and has been programmed in festivals such as les Festivals de Wallonie, le Festival Accordé'Opale, Le Royal Juillet Musical de Saint-Hubert, or the Musicorum Festival and has performed in prestigious Belgian venues such as the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and the Philharmonie de Liège. In December 2018, the Duo participated in the Christmas Concerts of la Monnaie and of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, the project culminating with the traditional Christmas Concert at the Royal Palace for the Belgian Royal Family. In summer 2019, they performed in Taiwan and in Shanghai and are set to return to Taiwan in summer 2021.

In September 2019, Cristian Perciun left Belgium for a new life. After six months of hiatus, the Luxembourgish accordionist Frin Wolter joined Pierre Fontenelle in reimagining a future for the duo, the Duo Kiasma.

In April 2017, the Duo received a First Prize at the 6th International Accordion Competition Accordé'Opale (France) in Chamber Music. Pierre and Frin, prizewinners in numerous international competitions, simultaneously pursue careers as soloists and teachers.

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