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Nicolas-François Vuillaume Cello (1860)

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After a long search, I am particularly happy to announce that I will be able to "revive" this magnificent work of Belgian heritage, a cello by the French luthier Nicolas-François Vuillaume, (Maggini model), built in 1860 while the craftsman was official luthier of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels! After having been unused for several decades, I unearthed this instrument in Paris during my search - the King Baudouin Foundation then decided to acquire the cello for its heritage value, to bring it back to Belgium, and to provide it to me on loan! I can’t imagine a better outcome!

I would particularly like to thank the King Baudouin Foundation, the Léon Courtin-Marcelle Bouché Fund and the Strings for Talent Foundation for their generous support and their trust. Naturally, this wouldn’t have been possible without their help. 

Pfretzschner bow

The Éric Feldbusch Foundation, which manages the heritage and work of this 20th century Belgian cellist and composer, has generously agreed to provide me with his old Pfretzschner bow. Curious anecdote, this bow would have been bought by the young Feldbusch in Germany after the 2nd World War ... with coffee!

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